The Secret for Health and Wellness

The Secret for Health and Wellness

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The philosopher Fredrich Neizstche once said that pleasure is more profound than pain because it wants to last forever. There is a secret in these words but it is not one of thoughtless indulgence and hedonism. Our biology is programmed profoundly for survival, and important issues for survival are controlled by pleasure and pain. We would think then that if we reached for pleasure and avoided what is painful we would be on a path to a long and health life. Obviously this is not true or the path to Heaven would be paved by hot fudge Sundays. Looking at our overweight culture, and so many people dying of heart attacks and cancer, should make us pause.  The joy we feel while stuffing ourselves with rich foods almost is enough to make us think the Creator is a saddest. Why else would He lure us to our demise with such joyful satisfaction?

The answer is that our senses and emotions are tuned to a world that does not exist. Our senses are correctly tuned to a world that existed thousands of years ago when nature ruled. If you are a deer in a forest your senses will give you right information because you and the forest have evolved together. Our culture is moving too fast for our senses and emotions to adapt. You might think of health problems as a form of culture shock. We have not had time to learn to see what is good for us. It is further worsened by an army of scientists that work for food companies. They study your cravings and tastes and design ‘food traps’ that you are ill prepared to comprehend. I am afraid that we are all on a farm being trained to consume, not for our sake, but for businesses selling to us. Someone is making money off our heart attacks.

So is Neitzsche right that pleasure has the most depth? Is pleasure a guide that can be trusted? There is an answer to this question, if you look in the right place. It is characteristic of individuals who seek truth to seek quietness. This is because you can hear and feel different voices when the culture is turned off, much like you would turn down loud music to have a conversation. It is strange that the most meaningful voice, speaks with such quietness. Yet it does. It turns out if you focus on what feels right, and not what tastes best, you will get true guidance. To do this you need to withdraw from the mouth watering thoughts of how good something will taste, and instead focus on how it will feel after you have eaten it. This allows you to feel its effects. This is an ability we should all culture. It will serve us well.

What does this have to do with staying young? It turns out that youth is preserved by promoting biological efficiency. To achieve this you need to make right choices. You need the right amount of everything to function optimally, and this is what will keep you young. You can only do your part with right choices. The correct perception of choices you can only feel, and unfortunately you cannot taste.  Remember that and it will save your life.

Robert Janda, DC