The 13 Principles of Healing

The 13 Principles of Healing

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Principle of Sexual Primacy

Salmon live a life in the ocean, then swim to their river of birth, have sex and die. This association of sexual fulfillment and death are closely linked throughout the animal kingdom.  With variation, we are all like salmon. Once our sexual functions are exhausted the body will begin to shut down and move towards death. It is as though our DNA only cares about our bodies to the extent we have the potential to reproduce. To preserve youth and life it is essential to maintain sexual vitality. The grand scheme for preserving youth is founded on sexual excitement and communicating to our DNA there are still sexually viable.

Principle of Environmental Harmony

Although our biological and psychological systems allow us to adapt to a hostile environment, these adaptations have their limits. It is at the limits of this adaptation that disease begins to manifest.  Some of these limitations are due to lack of sensory awareness, such as tasteless toxic chemicals in food and water, or radiation that we can neither see nor feel. Some are due to poor cultural choices such as fast food that we allow to be filled with trans-fats and imbalanced high carbohydrate meals.  A prevalent factor these days is the low safety standards for foods containing pathogens. What ever the cause, our health depends on preserving and maintaining an environment that supports health. It is an illusion to believe you can stay healthy in an unhealthy environment.

Principle of diffuse causality

In biological systems metabolic events do not have single causes. Metabolism functions more like a spider web where the structure of the whole is dependent on the tension created by each individual strand. When one part is changed it will reorganize other chemical patterns and functions. For example, in women the receptors for the progesterone are created by earlier waves of estrogen. At the very least, these two hormones need to be seen as one pattern. Intelligent correction of metabolic problems should involve consideration of opposing, complementary and synergistic pathways that occur in connection with the problem. The silver bullet super pill approach to healing does not realistically address the complexity of most biological adaptation. Pay attention to how things feel and it will give hints of other elements which are missing or are out of balance.

Principle of Synchronized Amplification

There are many examples within the application of herbal and nutritional supplementation where one factor will work much better in conjunction with some other element. For example, taking l-arginine is usually reported as having little effect on sexual function. However, when taken with DHEA and/or phosphodiesterase blockers, the effect can be quite dramatic. When taking supplements, look for other factors that work synergistically.

Principle of Rhythmic Organization

Most metabolic processes occur in waves and have a time when they are maximized and minimized. In Chines medicine each organ is seen as having a peak period within the 24 hour clock. Some of us are night people, some day people.  In general, it is wise to support metabolic processes when they would normally be functionally optimally. For example, growth hormone is normally secreted at night or during peak exercise. This is when secretagoges for this hormone should be taken. In contemporary endocrinology most biorhythms are completely ignored. Not all cycles are understood, but where they are, it is better to work with the body than against it.

Principle of Unknowable Complexity

It is easy to be impressed with the vast accumulation of knowledge in modern medicine. It is less obvious to realize that all this knowledge together represents only a small part of the actual activities within the body. The truth is it will never be understood in totality. It is quite possible that the ratio of knowledge to ignorance is an absolute, and our position with regard to our own knowledge should be tempered with this philosophical perspective. All doctors make decisions in partial darkness and so will you. For this reason it is wise to incorporate whole complex substances along side specifically focused factors in therapy.  It is wise to use whole uncooked foods to complement in addition to whatever supplement you may take. This will help cover bases that you did not even know exist. A good way to do this is to take fresh squeezed vegetable juices or fresh vegetable powders. In exercise, we need coordination as well as strength.  You will never go wrong doing this.

Principle of Planned Obliscence

There is an ongoing debate as to weather we should supplement a failing hormone system with hormones, or for that matter, weather we should take supplements at all. Would we be better off if we just detoxified the body and supported it properly with whole foods, even as we age? Some of the best minds take this position. The idea here is that nature knows best. We should remember in all this that nature is our friend until middle age when nature’s plan changes to one of decay and death. My own position is pragmatic rather than idealistic. It is impossible to stay young without mimicking the patterns of youth. There is much evidence that adopting strategies that promotes youth, in fact, does produce this result. The wise man will follow this path. Any technology that helps us mimic the patterns of youth is good.

Principle of Purity

Each of us has a unique pattern of functioning and, as a rule, the closer we can live in harmony with this pattern the healthier we will be. Pollution and toxicity of any sort, including a destructive life style, disrupts this pattern. For this reason it is vital to support our capacity to detoxify and minimize the intake of toxins.

Principle of Biological Individuality

In major ways, we have a lot in common, but we also have different size organs and are of different metabolic types and different psychological types, and are further unique within these.  Lab testing deals with statical norms, but does not tell you what is ideal for you. For this reason, healing is an art as well as a science. No matter what you do, you need to discover what works for you. Each of us must engage our intuition and self observation to find what is right for us as individuals.

Principle of Mind over Matter

Our culture has taught us that we are made of matter and have minds that are the result of the way matter functions. In truth, the concept of this relationship between mind and matter is still being evolved. There are physicists that have promoted that theory that the universe is primarily made of mind. Even conventional medicine recognizes a 20 to 30% ‘placebo effect’, meaning that just believing something will work has a large effect on its healing powers. For healing purposes we know that belief in healing can promote just that. Inversely, stress and internal conflict can tear us down. Creating the best mind set will serve us well.

Principle of Preservation through Use

Basically you loose what you don’t use. Nobody can do everything, so you have to decide what is important and make time for it.  You have to choose a life form, an activity pattern, that preserves all the functions that you value.

Principle of Efficiency

Disease tends to occur in areas of the body that are not functionally efficient.  Dr. Roy Wolford, the famous longevity doctor, found that consuming a low carbohydrate diet while maintaining high nutrition of enzymes, minerals and vitamins is a general formula for preserving youth. This pattern forces the body into metabolic efficiency and leaves little space for disease to manifest. If there is no room for disease it will not occur.

Principle of Early Intervention

It is usually true that corrections to biological problems can be made earlier to their source in time. The more advanced the problem become the more difficult to return to homeostasis or normal function.