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The Sciatic Nerve is the big nerve that runs down the back of the leg to the knee. Past the knee it is called the Tibial Nerve. The source of the nerves that form the Sciatic Nerve all come from the low back, so many cases of Sciatica come from  injuries to the low back, particularly the spinal discs. Disc protrusions and prolapses are discussed elsewhere (see Disc Protrusion and Prolapse), but these problems are capable of causing severe pain in this nerve.  These cases are treated by treating the spinal disc.

The other common source of irritation to this nerve is from Sacroiliac inflammation. This is a joint on either side of the sacrum that articulates the sacrum to the ilium. Although there are no nerve coming directly from this joint to the Sciatic Nerve, there are apparently internal connections in the spinal cord that can stimulate this nerve. Clinically, this is a common cause of Sciatica, but not commonly recognized.

The causes of Sacroiliac inflammation are several, including spinal disc problems, but more commonly disturbances in the lower  abdomen will be the cause. This includes such issues as infection, colitis, endometriosis  or fibroid tumors. Sciatica is a common symptom of bacterial food poisoning. Obviously, if this is the source, then the underlying cause must be addressed. If it is due to an infection that can be successfully relieved with probiotics, often the sciatic pain will fade away in a few hours. Other problems can take longer to resolve.

A third source of Sciatic pain, but not as common, is hypertonicity in the Pyriformis muscle leading to a Pyriformis Syndrome (see Pyriformis Syndrome). This can produce symptoms as severe as a spinal disc protrusion. It is treated by freeing the Sciatic Nerve from compression by this muscle.