Nerve Pain & Paresthesias


Nerve Pain and Paresthesias

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Paresthesias refers to sensations of tingling and numbness, as well as other odd sensations like prickling and burning that has no objective external cause. The commonest cause of both this and nerve pain is nerve compression. The nerve compression can be inside the central spinal canal (spinal stenosis), at the exit of the nerve through the intervertebral canal (such as in spinal disc protrusion), or in the peripheral nervous system (such as in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). There are many possibilities for peripheral entrapments. They are easily located using Applied Kinesiology.

The second most common cause is infection in the nerve that is tingling, such as a Herpes infection which often causes tingling around the mouth. However, any nerve can be infected by this virus. The third most common cause is due to vascular blockage such as occurs in athersclerosis or Raynaud’s Syndrome.

There are many other possible causes for paresthesias and numbness but they are far less common. These include such conditions as Diabetic Neuropathy, Trauma to a nerve,Tumors, Polio and Stroke.


These symptoms due to nerve compression are treated by relieving the compression. With Central Stenosis and Disc Prolapse we most frequently use the DRX 9000 with great success (see our section on this technology). With peripheral nerve entrapments the condition is usually relieved using a combination of Applied Kinesiology and Active Release Technique (see our section on Carpal Tunnel).

Other causes need other natural treatment means. These are best explained after examination and the cause is determined.