headaches and Other Symptoms


headaches and Other Symptoms

Most headaches are disabeling from the pain involved, but usually do not reflect serious underlying problems. The most common types are tension headaches and Migraine headaches, the latter are usually more severe and may involve precipitating symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, severe light sensitivity, visual displays such as light patterns . The brain itself is not sensitive and does not hurt. What does hurt are nerve innervated structures such as skull sutures, blood vessel, muscles and their attachments, and some nerves such as those to the eyes.

Local causes:

Any direct irritation to innervated structures can produce a headache.


  • This includes inflamed sutures from toxins or infections. I personally suspect that the sutures of the skull can become infected and are then sensitive to compression.
  • Inflammation or infection in the eyes or blood vessel
  • Chronic muscle spasm, such as often occurs with TMJ problems
  • Dialation of blood vessel in the head. Muscles of the skull can become inflamed for various reasons.
  • The TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) is a common source of local headaches. If this joint becomes inflamed the Temporalis, Masseter and Pterigoid muscles often spasm and can become painful.

Remote Causes:

Many headaches are precipitated by issures in other parts of the body.

  • Subluxation in the neck, as well as disc degeneration in the neck, can irritate nerves ascending from the neck to the skull and cause headaches.
  • Infections almost anywhere in the body can release toxins which can irritate structures in the head causing headaches
  • Allergies can cause vascular disturbances in the skull as well as muscle and eye irritation, all of which can cause headaches.
  • Toxic  sensitivities to industrial products used in household construction or clothing
  • Hormonal Fluxations or Sensitivities – this commonly occurs with women during PMS episodes.
  • Toxic diet such as when excess alcohol is consumed. Another common cause is excess coffee. Coffee less frequently causes headaches going in, but when the body cleanses itself the headaches often start. This is amplified during fasting.
  • Inflammation of organs – there are many charts from observations of countless individuals mapping the location of headaches cause by different irritated organs. Sometimes these can be relieved by rubbing points associated with the irritated organs.


Serious Causes of Headaches:

These are less common, but can produce the same symptoms as less serious causes. More serious causes are suspected if a strong headache comes on in a person who does not usually have them, or if headaches are persistent over a long term.

  1. Strokes
  2. Intracranial Tumors
  3. Intracranial Infections
  4. High Blood Pressure


If possible, the cause of the headache needs to be identified and removed. Applied Kenisiology is extremely useful for quickly screening potential inflamed organs, subluxations and infections. Eliminating these causes alone will remove most headaches. In most cases this can be done with spinal manipulation and nutritional supplementation, or eliminating toxic input.